Our products

Our cookware stands for longevity and top quality. All our products are of selected quality and extensively tested. Already in the production we pay attention to the best choice of materials and a constant quality control. As a result, we are able to give our products a very long warranty in comparison.

cast iron

The choice of material cast iron makes our cookware are quite heavy in comparison. However, cast iron brings many great benefits that are appreciated by professional chefs. The heat supplied can be kept comparatively long by means of cast iron. In addition, the heat is transmitted evenly and everywhere. This makes stewing and searing particularly easy.
Our cast iron products are more than 0.5 cm thick and are cast in one piece. These characteristics characterize our cookware and make it a top product.
Another advantage of our choice of materials lies in the enrichment of the food with natural iron. Especially vegan or vegetarian people often have an increased need for iron or even an iron deficiency, which can be counteracted with our products.