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Our Brand

Velosans roots

Velosan continues the long history of producing high quality cookware in Germany. Velosan was founded as brand for high quality cast iron cookware.

The origin of our manufacturing processes is the industrial revolution. At that time, many technical innovations have been made. The production of cast-iron cookware has since become an art that is especially appreciated by professional chefs.

The history of cast iron

Cast iron is one of the oldest materials for the production of cookware. The cradle of modern cast iron cookware is England. In the 18th century, ironworker Abraham Darby first used sand casting to make pans. Thereafter, this production process of iron casting spread very quickly throughout Europe. The sand mold casting is used since then, because it promises a better precession.

Velosan cast iron cooking set producer manufacturer
Anton Velosan cast iron casserole open

Our tradition

The first product presented by Velosan was a cast-iron pan with a diameter of 28cm. This cast iron pan was created in one piece according to old tradition in the process of sand mold casting. The good response and demand for the cookware opened the doors for more products. Since then, the name Velosan stands for quality and durability.

Velosan today

Today we produce a whole range of different pots, pans and woks, but also other kitchen utensils. Velosan has eversince enjoyed international demand. This shows that even today high quality cookware from Germany is appreciated. Our choice of materials and traditional manufacturing methods give our products a high standard and excellent quality.

Our New Products

After our focus on cast iron cookware we developed other products such as aluminum cookware. The unique attributes such as a lighter weight make aluminum cookware to a perfect day to day equipment. It is easier to clean and does not need as much care as cast iron. Besides aluminum cookware we also added kitchen utensils and knifes to our collection.

Velosan Name

The name “Velosan” comes from Latin.

vēlō (present infinitive vēlāre, perfect active vēlāvī, supine vēlātum); first conjugation

  1. I cover, wrap, veil
  2. I coat

The importance of a high quality coating was the birth of the name Velosan.