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Our Ethos

Our ethos

The term ethos comes from Greek and stands for character and attitude. Our ethos is high and durable quality, combined with a modern look. We are not just a manufacturer of cookware. We represent a holistic attitude to life that combines health, sustainability and pleasure in cooking.


We believe that sustainability must be promoted. The responsible use of limited resources is not only important to protect our environment. That is why we pay attention to a very long-life circle of our products and the use of sustainable materials, as well as manufacturing processes.

Aluminum Cookware

We also pay close attention to the quality of our aluminum cookware. Manufactured in Germany, with all necessaries certifications, we only offer best anti stick coatings.

Our aluminum cookware is made in the best production processes. Pressed aluminum tends to easily change its form and is not lasting. That is why we only offer cookware made in a casting process.

Cast iron

Our sustainability and affection for a healthy lifestyle is also shown in our non-stick coating of our cast iron products. We use an enamel, which is under high process control produced with all filtration requirements by the European Union. This enamel will while using build up a natural fat patina. This natural fat layer not only gives an incomparable aroma when cooking, but also forms a natural protective film over time.