5L Cast Iron Pot

Name Cast Iron Pot 5 L
Material Cast Iron
Volume 5 L
Weight 3.4 KG
Lid Lid included
Stove usability Useable on all kind of stoves
SKU VE0002
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Our Black Panther Series was the first product line of Velosan.

Cast iron is a material that is appreciated by professional chefs, as well as hobby cooks. It is very tough and can last for decades. With the right maintenance you can pass this cookware onto the next generation. Every time you cook in your cast iron cook ware you are making them better by seasoning them. But cast iron needs more attention than other cook ware, in order to keep it seasoned. The natural oil seasoning in the pan is binding directly with the iron and created a natural non-stick coating, that is not only healthy, but also gives your food a special flavour.

Cast iron has excellent thermal conductivity and can hold heat for a very long time. Thus, it is perfect for searing meat. Also, cast iron cook ware can be used on all kind of stoves. So don’t hesitate to take your cast iron cook ware out on the BBQ or to put it into the oven.

Since cast iron is very long-lasting, it is also very sustainable, and therefore a great alternative to other cook ware.


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