Food Grain Container Set

Name Food Grain Container Set – Set of 3
Material Glass, Plastic lid
Size L: 2.5 l (height: 29.5 cm)
M: 1.5 l (height: 18.3 cm)
S: 750 ml (height: 9 cm)
Weight 1 .9 KG
SKU VE0403
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  • Reliable Quality – The boxes are distinguished by the unique borosilicate glass material, which is not only beautiful to look at. The high-quality material is particularly durable and dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to use – Thanks to the large openings of the jars, filling and emptying is child’s play. The transparent design also allows for a perfect stock overview at any time.
  • Aroma protection: The matching lid of our container set ensures an odorless closure. This way your food is not only more durable but also moth-proof, and always of perfect quality.
  • Universal – with our glass jars you can store different foods. Thanks to the different sizes of 2.5 l (height: 29.5 cm), 1.5 l (height: 18.3 cm) and 750 ml (height: 9 cm) you will find the right container for every product.
  • Modern design – embellish your kitchen with these jars. The containers integrate perfectly into any style of kitchen and decoration and thus guarantee a better atmosphere of well-being in the kitchen.

Velosan does not only manufacture cook ware, but also kitchen utensils such as knifes, and spatulas. We focus on offering best quality products with a contemporary design.

Cooking should not just be the preparation of food, but a social event and a creative process of making tasteful dishes. With our kitchen utensils this process shall be made easier and joyful, while looking great.


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