Velosan Pebble Serier Ceramic Nonstick 9.4'' Dutch Oven With Lid

Diamond-infused Coat

Die-cast Aluminum Body

Himalayan SaltLilacMaizeOatCyan

Dutch Oven

Himalayan SaltLilacMaizeOatCyan
  • Overview & features
  • Heat source
  • Materials

Velosan Pebble Series oval dutch oven with lid is the ideal size for most recipes.  Designed as a versatile kitchen must-have, this dutch oven has been made from durable aluminum with nonstick coating that distributes heat efficiently. Comes with a matching lid to keep heat in.

• The non-stick coating for effortless cooking and quick cleanup
• The pebble style knob over the lid makes it easy to lift on and off
• A flat base to be optimized for all stovetops
• Wide handles offer balance and support when lifting and serving from oven to table
• Compatible with all cooktops

Size: 9.5 in // 24cm    Weight (w/ lid): 2.9 lbs // 1.3 kg

  • Suitable for gas stove

  • Suitable for electric hob

  • Suitable for induction

  • Not Suitable for Oven
  • Free of PFOA

  • Free of PTFE

  • Free of APEO

  • Free of Lead & Cadmium

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cooking performance

01 Easy cleanup

The non-stick coating helps minimizing the quantity of oil needed for cooking makes the cleaning process easier and quicker.

02 Non-toxic

Made with no lead, no harmful chemicals of any kind, 100% free of APEO, PFBS, PFOS, PFOA, Lead and Cadmium.

03 Easy release

The Durable nonstick coating allows for smooth flipping and easy food release whether you’re sautéing foods, making pancakes or eggs.

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Cookware Set


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From breakfast to snacks, our cookware sets handle all. Each piece coming with lid covers all your cooking needs. Better searing, faster boiling, and zero burnt-on messes.

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